It flew by and we are convinced it was only a 20 day month. So what did we do in those 20 days?

  • We submitted our Team Up grant to get a community art event back in Coonabarabran in 2018
  • We put up our hands to have a table at the Warrumbungle Community Care Services Expo
  • We contacted Outback Arts and offered them help in setting up a group like ours
  • We put up our hands to present at the Warrumbungle Shire Community Consultation meeting in Coonabarabran
  • Allison went off to a grant writing workshop so we can get mo’ money
  • We reached out to Accessible Arts to introduce ourselves and asked how we could get together
  • We reached out to Arts Access Australia to introduce ourselves and asked how we could get together
  • We went to the Coonabarabran Arts Council AGM to see how we fitted in with them
  • We nearly went to the Create NSW roadshow in Coonamble
  • We kept pushing to get our creative space
  • We ordered flashy things to promote ourselves [image banner saying creatives collective in pink and blue letters]
  • We heard back from Arts Access Australia and will be working with them on getting regional artists with disability together
  • We did creative things – every Friday!
    • Roctober- Jewelry making with Tracy
    • Grown Up Finger painting
    • Coonabarabran Gets Stoned
    • Chilled out free art during “meeting”

The weather is getting warmer and we really need to get into an air-conditioned creative space or we will have members not being able to participate. A place of our own is still our main goal.

We are also going to have our first fundraising effort starting in November to raise enough cash to pay for insurance next year when we incorporate.

Then there’s allllll the other stuff we need to get done before next year!