Congratulations to all of the entrants of Star Art 2018. There was a huge response with votes coming for people’s favourite “space” painting from all over the world.  As we had a tie for third each artist will receive one canvas as their prize.

So the winners are *rips open a gold envelope*

1st Prize
“Milky Way” by Michael White

Milky Way by Micheal White

Click on all images for full-size photo

2nd Prize
“Jupiter – Polar Region” by Allison Reynolds

Jupiter polar region pastelsCurveof a planet against black background with swirls of bue, purple, yellow, red, and browns

Third Prize(s)

“In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away 2” Vivian Evans

In a Galaxy Far Far Away 2

“Sisters Swinging on the Moon” Shevone Milligan

Two Sisters Swinging on the Moon

“Untitled” Dallaz Hawley-Byrns

Untitled by Dallaz

Thank you to our generous sponsors for providing our prizes -Life Essence Psychology and Anni Reynolds Counselling & Psychotherapy, Crazy Sam’s in Coonabarabran, and us, Creatives Collective ARI inc.