Lots! Lots happened in September.

  • We had 2 members end up in hospital (for different things). They are both out and about now.
  • We spent every Friday doing creative practice 
    • Australian Native Flowers
    • Teapots/Teacups
    • Post-It Note Miniature Gallery
    • FOOD!
    • In Plein Air
    • Member Led – Rocktober (Jewelry Making by Tracy)
  • We put in a grant application for 3 Microsoft Surface Pros through the FRRR
  • We had meetings!
  • We got an ABN and a TFN
  • We opened a bank account (in progress)
  • We sent a tonne of emails to a tonne of places about all sorts of things from requesting a Councillor keep disability accessibility in mind when selecting a potential arts’ space building, to floating various festival ideas.
  • Changed our logo on all of our things to Anni’s great watercolour interpretation – branding!
  • Put the website into a form that it can remain in until next year when Go Pro 2018! kicks off (Have you read our Manifesto yet?)
  • Posted a gazillion articles on our Facebook page

Still a couple of months leading up to Christmas and so much to do!