We packed all of July into the last week or because of reasons. But what a fun, creative week it has been.
Yesterday we spent the day at the local disability services OZTag knockout competition. We sketched and drew and chatted and got together and it was lovely.

While we were there, Suzie Wicks from Fatmoon Studios, was documenting Creatives Collective member Caitlyn as she went about her life in Coonabarabran. Suzie has a grant from the Northcott Fundability program (like us!) and is making short films about the lives of people with disability.

Today the filming continued with Allison also being in front of the camera, and having lots of creative talk with Suzie about how art and creativity are essential for community health, and how isolation is a huge issue for rural, regional, and remote people with disability. Both agree that documenting and sharing the lives of others improves lives in many ways, not the least in improving health through a feeling of “community” and “belonging”.

Allison and Suzie discuss plan

Allison (left) and Suzie (right) discuss current and future projects (we must have Suzie teach us video storytelling!)

Also his month we have chosen two more artists to come and run workshops in Coonabarabran for the second half of 2018.
Jeremy Hawkes (currently in all the media about his difficulties with the NDIS) will be bringing his process and discussions about his work management while teaching us how to turn organic forms into abstractions.
Kerry Shying will be be coming out and working with us on…we don’t know yet we haven’t decided. Kerry is an artist, poet, and author, and we are thinking of asking her to show us how to tell stories in our work.

Lastly we are now able to start the final choice of venue for SPACE. We have lots to choose from, but as is the case in life, there’s nothing that is perfectly perfect. We must make the decision in August, so watch this space!